Excerpt one from The Burial

Zara? Curled inside singing in round rhythms that punctured silence waves sweeping her up….black shroud wrapped- and Apple Mummy’s heart beat- tick tick tick ticking blood bursts in her head. Asghar?

She sinks into lapping up pain hums in angular loops sizing up her options from time shadows away. He must bleed into himself and know why. Her lipstick smile rises up up above her (bzzzzzzzzzz, bees buzz in flight. Their eyes slide into her head socket) – a red balloon, bursting into bits and falls in strips- just like mummy’s baby ribbon strips boxing her in- the sweat drips fatly and covers her fingers. Ha ha ha winner, winner, winner she chuckles, winner I am.
The King and Queen of Hearts enter. The crowd shares blistering laughs.  They crawled into themselves with fear, the rest of them. Ha! A single groan loops through the crowd.

Change was going to clean things up!

Asghar was hungry, crawling back to her. Not alone.

Excerpt 2 from Apple Mummy  
Apple Mummy bits were dust baked now, slinking into corners like rats or smeets, impulsive, careless creatures. She protruded into the brooding pinnacled room. Repeated thoughts of Small White Shoes apple mummy bought me plague shot me in the knees. I wanted to eat them with joy when I was a child and now! The White plastic dazzling delight impish light in rainbow games. I hid them in my cupboard for times and times and times (so mummy wouldn’t throw them away). I stitched them to myself so that they stayed fixed to my “old house of cats”, purring in corners and crevices of skinned walls, while mummy packed the shoes one night and threw them away to half dead things.

Apple mummy in fury stands erect and hooded in dark smothering intentions.