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The Word

The Word

An explosion –

The eruption of words.

Lurking behind me

Ready to pounce.

Rising whirlpools,

White vacuum of thought

Living beyond me

Unlike what I meant.

Under my pillow

Shredding the night.

Ripe as an onion.

Closer than hell.

Forcing intention.

Bleeding my mind.

Word of glass meaning

Stripped to the bone.

A crack in time.


John’s coffin is green

Green like trees splitting the wind.

His head sprouts roses

Fresh as the dew soaked through

his hands.

He’s dead like a star

Piercing my belly

Spreading his cancer

Louder than death.

I mourn John

Mourn him in bed

Mourn him in pity.

Blood tears on my tongue

Blued Daffodils crushed in bed

Desperate eyes bite through days

A fleeting touch grips the head.

John’s pillow’s a meadow

Calmer than memory.

Brave remnant of love.

His hair on my breasts.

Tender shifts in time

Crouched in my blood

He’s still as the heat

He lives in the corners

Waiting to speak.

I am a writer and poet. I grew up in the UK and the Middle East and now live and work in Pakistan. I am a graduate in Philosophy from the University of East Anglia in the UK. I am currently working  in Pakistan at a research institute as an Editor and have worked in the development sector as an editor and writer for more than ten years now.

I started to write creative pieces and poetry at the age of thirteen. I am particularly interested in experimental literature and I challenge “formal” structural and contextual literary constraints. The tension between language and meaning, and its impact on our everyday lives in terms of interactions with the external world are a major concern in my work.

Some of my poems have been published in literary magazines, such as Smoke and Splizz in the UK. My first
novel Blue Dust is being published by Roli Books India and will be launched in December 2011 in Pakistan. I am currently working on my second novel, Noora.

My blog will mirror my work and my favorite artists and writers and I hope that my readers will share this journey with me. I have been with the pixies but I have also been with the gnomes. Both are agony and both ecstasy. We can choose our hell and we can choose our heaven. Let’s take the first step.